We service all makes and models of turntable including linear tracking, traditional tangential armed, direct drive and belt driven decks. The direct drive and linear tracking models often contain more motor control (servo) electronics which may require some components changing and upgrading for stability and reliability.

A typical service would include the following:

  1. Clean the unit, arm and stylus
  2. Clean & lubricate mechanical components, where needed
  3. Change belts if required or requested
  4. Check all audio signal cables
  5. Check all electrical connections
  6. Check the operation of the motor (and servo electronics model dependent)
  7. Check the condition and operation of the cartridge and stylus
  8. Set up the arm & check the cartridge alignment
  9. Check speed
  10. Final test

We provide customer specific services including:

  1. Cartridge installation
  2. Bespoke interconnects fitted
  3. Arm alignment
  4. General repairs